1. Bullet  Rotterdam School of Management

  2.   Savannah State University

  3. Bullet  Southern Mississippi

  4.   Stetson University

  5.   St. Mary’s College - California

  6.   Suffolk University


  8.   Texas Southern University

  9.   Texas Tech

  10. Bullet  Thunderbird School of


  1. Bullet  Toledo University

  2. Bullet  Towson University

  3. Bullet  University of Alabama

  4. Bullet  University of Alabama

      at Birmingham

  1. Bullet  University of Arkansas

  2. Bullet  University of Baltimore

  3. Bullet  University of Houston

  4. Bullet  University of Louisville

  5. Bullet  University of Maryland University


  1. Bullet  University of Maryland at College


  1. Bullet  University of Melbourne, Australia

  2. Bullet  University of Minnesota

  3. Bullet  University of Missouri - Kansas City

  4. Bullet  University of Missouri

  5. Bullet  University of Nevada - Las Vegas

  6. Bullet  University of New Mexico

  7. Bullet  University of North Florida

  8. Bullet  University of North Carolina –

      Chapel Hill

  1. Bullet  University of Northern Colorado

  2. Bullet  University of Oregon

  3. Bullet  University of Redlands

  4. Bullet  University of San Francisco

  5. Bullet  University of Southwestern


  1. Bullet  University of Tampa

  2. Bullet  University of Toronto

  3. Bullet  University  of Washington

  4. Bullet  University of West Georgia

  5. Bullet  University System of Georgia

  6. Bullet  Wake Forest University

  7. Bullet  Western Carolina University

  8. Bullet  Winona State University

  9. Bullet  Winthrop University

  10. Bullet  Xavier University

  11. Bullet  York University

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  1. Bullet  AACSB

  2. Bullet  Al Ain - United Arab Emirates

  3. Bullet  Albany State University

  4. Bullet  Babson College

  5. Bullet  Boise State University

  6. Bullet  Boston University

  7. Bullet  Bradley University

  8. Bullet  California State University at  


  1. Bullet  CEIBS (Shanghai)

  2. Bullet  City University of Hong Kong

  3. Bullet  Coastal Carolina University

  4. Bullet  Colorado State University

  5. Bullet  Decision Sciences Institute –

      Doctoral Consortium

  1. Bullet  Emory University

  2. Bullet  ESPOL (Guayaquil, Ecuador)

  3. Bullet  Florida International University

  4. Bullet  George Mason University

  5. Bullet  George Washington University

  6. Bullet  Georgia State University

  7. Bullet  Grambling State University

  8. Bullet  Hong Kong University

  9. Bullet  Hong Kong University of

      Science & Technology

  1. Bullet  IBMEC (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

  2. Bullet  Idaho State University

  3. Bullet  Indian School of Business

  4. Bullet  Indiana University

  5. Bullet  Institute for Humane Studies

  6. Bullet  ITAM - Mexico

  7. Bullet  Jacksonville University

  8. Bullet  Kansas State University

  9. Bullet  Kennesaw State University

  10. Bullet  Lilly Conference on College and

      University Teaching

  1. Bullet  Loyola Marymount

  2. Bullet  Loyola University Maryland

  3. Bullet  Mankato State University

  4. Bullet  Mercer University

  5. Bullet  Middle Tennessee State


  1. Bullet  North Carolina A&T University

  2. Bullet  Northeastern University

  3. Bullet  Notre Dame University

  4. Bullet  Ohio University

  5. Bullet  Ohio Northern University

  6. Bullet  Point Loma Nazarene University

  7. Bullet  Queensland University of

     Technology, Australia

  1. Bullet  Radford University

  2. Bullet  Rider University

  3. Bullet  Rockhurst University

  4. Bullet  Rollins College


Harvey J. Brightman is Regents Professor Emeritus of Managerial Sciences at Georgia State University (GSU). He received his Ph.D. in Business Administration  (management science/statistics major) from the University of Massachusetts Isenberg School of Management in 1970.  He has published over 80 articles in the fields of problem solving, computer‑based model building, decision support systems, and improving teaching. 


He has consulted with Armco, Coca Cola, ARCO, Scientific Atlanta, Cisco, Comcast, The Institute for Management Studies, IBM, Georgia Power, and Centers for Disease Control among others.

In 1984, the Robinson College of Business selected Dr. Brightman for the Outstanding Scholar and Teacher award. He has also received the CBA award for teaching and for service. He served as Research Professor for the Robinson College of Business from 1982-1987. In 1992, Georgia State University selected Dr. Brightman as its Alumni Distinguished Professor (the outstanding scholar and teacher).  In 1994, he received the Dennis Grawoig Distinguished Service Award from the Decision Sciences Institute.  In 1998, The Board of Regents selected Dr. Brightman to receive the Regents' Teaching Excellence Award – the outstanding teacher at the four research universities.  He has served as teaching mentor from 1999 to the present time and has mentored over 40 GSU faculty members.  He has also mentored faculty at Emory University, Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane Australia, UAB (Schools of Liberal Arts, Health Sciences, and Medicine), Ohio Northern, Wake Forest, University of Maryland, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and UNC Chapel Hill.  In addition, he has taught in Executive MBA programs at RSM in Rotterdam and CEIBS in Shanghai.

Dr. Brightman has extensive experience in helping university faculty members improve their teaching.  He taught the doctoral seminar on university-level teaching at GSU from 1976-2001.  He has also taught at the Decision Science Institute’s doctoral consortium a session on college teaching over 25 consecutive years.  He is the director of the Master Teacher Program, a 2 1/-day intensive workshop, from 1988-to the present.  Over 800 faculty members worldwide have attended.  In addition, he has presented over 135 teaching and learning workshops worldwide for B-schools and universities over the past fifteen years.  He has also taught in the AACSB Bridge program - a program for business people who wish to transition to teaching.  In addition, he has helped to implement in-house teaching mentoring programs at many universities.

His first book entitled Problem Solving: A Logical and Creative Approach was the Macmillan Executive Book Selection in the summer of 1981.  The American Association of Hospital Administrators also nominated it for its Book of the Year.  It was translated into Japanese in 1983.  Dr. Brightman's second book is entitled Statistics in Plain English published in 1985 and is still in print.  His third book entitled Group Problem Solving: An Improved Managerial Approach was translated into Japanese in 1991.   Both of his problem-solving books are still in print, making them among the longest-running university-press books in existence. His fourth book, Statistics for Business Problem Solving was published in 1992. In 1999, Dr. Brightman completed another statistics book entitled Data Analysis in Plain English with Excel. 

Dr. Brightman is a Past President and a Fellow of the Decision Sciences Institute; an international organization dedicated to improving decision making.